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Grant Ebert

Baritone, Educator

The Invention of Morel

The Honeywell Center

Wabash, Indiana

The Invention of Morel is the story of a fugitive running from injustice, who escapes to a strange island. While taking refuge, he meets a beautiful woman (Faustine), her acquaintance and possible lover (Morel), and the acquaintances and colleagues of Morel. They are taking a luxourious week to celebrate Morel's new, secret invention. However, something is wrong! The fugitive cannot be seen by anyone on the island! Everyone suddenly vanishes without a trace and reappears! What is happening on this island? What does Morel's invention do?


This production was in collaboration with Manchester University, directed by Kathleen Belcher. Libretto by Jonathan Moore and Stewart Copeland. Score composed by Stewart Copeland. 

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